Wedding Policies

No Weddings During Lent – As part of our observance of the Holy Season of Lent, there are no weddings performed during this time. The Lenten season for 2017 includes the time from February 16th – April 7th.

Rice – No rice may be thrown. Besides making tile surfaces dangerously slick, it is very difficult to clean from carpeting and pews. Throwing rice is an old pagan fertility custom and is not in keeping with good Christian practice. As a substitute, consider birdseed or popcorn.

Flowers – The flowers for the church must be placed in containers that will fit on the church provided stands. No flowers may be put on the altar. Outlandish displays are not permitted, but rather arrangements should follow the custom of Sunday morning displays. No artificial or plastic flowers are to be used. Flowers should be in place one hour before the ceremony begins.

Cars – If cars are decorated on the church parking lot, please police the area when finished; making sure all debris is cleaned up. All slogans and decorations are to be kept within the confines of good taste and the sacred nature of a Christian wedding.

Furniture – Do not move or stand on any furniture for photographs.

Music – Music for your wedding is to be chosen in accord with Lutheran worship practices. The pastor and/or organist will recommend and give samples of processional, recessional and soloist music in both classical and contemporary Christian styles. Hymn use is recommended if the congregation is large enough.
The church organist has the first right of refusal for the wedding service.