Liberty and the Common Good

I Corinthians 8:9But take care that this liberty of yours does not somehow become a stumbling block to the weak.

To my surprise, many people take note of where I park my car at St. Mark’s.  If it isn’t in the “same spot”, they are sure I’m not present.

During the week I park my car on the main East Parking lot, about 75 yards from the door; but on Sunday’s you might note, I park the car in the far southeast corner of the lot, as far from the entrance as possible.

What people don’t know is the reason I park my car so far from the entrance on Sundays. The reason is simple; God has given me health and the ability to walk.  And as long as I can walk, I will park as far from the entrance as possible, so that others who are not so blessed won’t have to walk as far.

There are but a few, cherished parking spaces close to the main entrance to the sanctuary.  What I would like to ask all of you who are “ambulatory blessed” to do is, do what I do. Park as far from the entrances as possible.  Do this [as I do] as “spiritual exercise” which offers a quiet, but meaningful prayer of thanking to God for your continued health.  It is a nice way to begin your day…your meeting…your worship.  And if we all do this, the spaces filled closest to the entrances will be occupied by those who need them most.

You all have the right to park wherever you want to.  St. Paul says we have that “liberty” of choice.  But the Spirit of Christ makes us aware of the needs of others around us, and that Spirit helps us defer our rights, in favor of supporting the needs of others.

We are a community guided by the Holy Spirit.  There won’t be any signs or laws or fines set up to enforce this compassionate behavior.  Make it a matter of the heart. Thank you for your witness!