“Help me Know What I Need to Do” 

“Help me Know What I Need to Do”

—our stewardship prayer.

The Stewardship team has been working hard to help us Reform St. Mark’s ministry around the resources of its membership.  To aid us in this process wrist bracelets and prayer beads have been distributed to worshipping members.  If you have not yet received one of these prayer icons, they are available for distribution each Sunday morning.  We are asking that every member take 1 minute each day during Lent to pray a simple prayer:  “Help me know what I need to do”, completing that minute of prayer silently listening for God’s response to your prayer.


It is important that we keep our commitment of time, talent and treasure tied to God’s Word and Prayer.  It takes the power of the Holy Spirit to help us embrace God’s vision for St. Mark’s.  Through Word and Prayer, we will find that vision.


The Stewardship initiative was formally launched on Ash Wednesday.  Our first gathering of the congregation took place on February 18th.  We thank all those who were in attendance. The pledges of support will be gathered on Easter Sunday, April 1st during worship.  This reformation of St. Mark’s, will process over the next three years.


Answers to the Stewardship prayer are already evident.  One person said, “Because of the tax breaks, I will be receiving an extra $100 a month…this can be my gift over the next three years”.  Another person said, “I’m paying off my mortgage…that will be available now to help.”

Keep praying, “Help me know what I need to do.”  Thank you!