Evangelism November 2017

Jesus commission to the church was to “go and make disciples of all nations.”  That used to mean training missionaries to leave the country in order to take up residence in far always places like Japan and Africa.

The mission of the church is the same:  bring the Good News to all nations, but the method has changed.  No longer need we train missionaries and send them abroad.  Today we can do our disciplining of the nations from our desktop computer.  The World Wide Internet has made that possible.

In my travels to Israel and German this past summer, I was deeply moved by how the mission field has changed.  That mission field is no longer exclusively  “over there”….it is here, at home.

This change in mission field became profoundly evident to me as I traveled Israel with a number of young, professional Americans.  Once they adjusted to me (being a preacher) and saw me as a person (Christian), they asked many questions about the church and the Christian faith.  They were hungry for the Good News of Oneness in Christ.

I’ve not forgotten them or their desire for God.  And so I asked the church council for a day (Mondays) to minister to them.  The council gave me their permission.  And so I now write a blog:

(www.universalsalvationhopeorheresy.com) in an effort to reach out to them with the Good News of Jesus Christ.   If you have someone you love who is looking for a church without walls, please invite them to the blog.