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Dear Members and Friends of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, We are certainly living in anxious times. With each passing day the numbers of those diagnosed with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) world-wide and in the U.S. has steadily increased. The geographical areas … Continue reading

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Guidelines for Reducing Risks of an Infectious Diseases While Attending Worship at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church

We are currently experiencing two highly contagious diseases which are putting the population at risk. One is the Influenza Virus. The other is COVID-19 (Corona Virus). Both diseases are easily transmitted through human to human contact and proximity. We are … Continue reading

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Colin Cranmer

Hello! I have been excited to write our very first hello to you all. The whole Cranmer Crew and I have been waiting to meet everyone in person and start the process of adopting each other as a church family. … Continue reading

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“So what’s new?”

I write this article on a date in early December. It seems strange to be thinking about January, 2020, when we haven’t celebrated Christmas of 2019. However, here are some of my thoughts regarding the year yet to come. Every … Continue reading

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November 2019 – Thoughts On Gratitude And Grace

November is the time of year where we reflect upon those things for which we are grateful. It begins with the celebration of All Saints, a day when we celebrate and express our gratitude for all the faithful saints who … Continue reading

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Clarification from Bishop Miller Concerning the ELCA as a “Sanctuary Church Body”

On August 5 – 10, the ELCA held its Church wide Assembly in Milwaukee, WI. The Assembly meets every three years. It is the highest decision-making body in the ELCA and is akin to a council. It is made up … Continue reading

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Breathe In Us As We Pray

Breathe In Us As We Pray On Sunday the 9th of June, we will join together with Christian churches throughout the world to celebrate the Day of Pentecost. The word Pentecost means “fiftieth.” The day of Pentecost is fifty days … Continue reading

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Living In The Resurrection

What a glorious Easter Sunday it was at St. Mark’s!  The sanctuary was filled with people, young and old, who came to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Members commented how good it felt to see so many … Continue reading

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The Power that Flows Within and with All

I write this message on March 20, 2019. It is the day of the Vernal Equinox, or the first day of Spring. For six months or so, day will be longer than night. This day comes after what has seemed … Continue reading

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On Wednesday, March 6th, the season of Lent will begin.  It is a time when Christians all over the world prepare for the observance of Holy Week and the celebration of the Resurrection on Easter morning, which this year is … Continue reading

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