The church council has suspended in-person activities at St. Mark’s until April 5th.   However, it is now pretty clear that it will not be safe to return to communal worship on Palm Sunday.  We are all disappointed to extend this suspension through Holy Week, but it is the only responsible course of action.

Bishop Curry has encouraged the congregations of our synod to follow the CDC guidelines.   The current CDC guidelines were issued on March 16th and recommend no public gatherings for 8 weeks (or longer) from that date.

Therefore, the church council has extended the suspension of in-person activities at St. Mark’s until Monday, May 11th.   We will be monitoring the CDC for any changes in their recommendation and may change our schedule in response to changes in the CDC recommendation, if and when any such changes are made.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to call, text, email, and otherwise stay in contact with each other during our physical separation, and to join us for our virtual services on facebook live (

Be safe & be well.

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